Independent, fee-only advisors and fiduciaries.  

At Forest Capital Corp, we grow capital, generate income, and manage risk.

We invest primarily in fixed income assets along the capital structure. This approach allows us to build portfolios that can thrive amid market conditions. We only use third-party custodians in order to maintain portfolio integrity. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we invest our personal capital alongside our clients - completely aligning our interests.




Julien B. Booth Principal, Portfolio Manager

Julien's investment strategy dovetails with his forestry background as he takes a conservative, long-term approach to managing investment capital for income, growth, and sustainability. His credentials include 22 years of experience in portfolio management and analysis, SEC, North Carolina and Missouri Registered Investment Advisor, and a BS in Forest Management from North Carolina State University.


Dana Christner Operations Manager

Karen Wright - Back Office Manager



Julien B. Booth

Principal & Portfolio Manager

Dana Christner

Operations Manager


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