We offer versatility. 

Portfolio Management (Private Clients)

Forest Capital provides direct portfolio management of assets and focuses on building portfolios and selecting securities. Portfolios are managed on a low-cost, third-party custodial platform, such as Fidelity's, Charles Schwab's, or T.D. Ameritrade's Institutional platforms.

Consulting (Private Clients)

As an advisor, Forest Capital offers independent analysis of investment portfolios, generates investment ideas, and offers proprietary research directly to the client. The investment assets can remain on any custodial platform

Institutional Services

Forest Capital also works as a separate account manager and specializes in building and managing custom fixed income portfolios for institutional clients. For more information about these services, please contact us directly.

Proprietary Research

Forest Capital co-owns Sixty Guilders Research, LLC, an independent investment research firm that provides actionable credit analysis and comprehensive equity valuation on 1,000+ publicly-traded companies and their industries. This research is available to clients of Forest Capital, and it can be accessed by institutional users and other advisory firms through a subscription service.

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Julien B. Booth

Principal & Portfolio Manager


Dana Christner

Operations Manager



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